Unhappiness is a misunderstanding.

Less is more?
  • In a nutshell…
    In a nutshell…
  • Practical peace of mind in daily living
    Practical peace of mind in daily living
  • Can of worms?
    Can of worms?
  • Attention is most preci❤️us
    Attention is most preci❤️us
I am a person.I am awareness.
I am “me”,
busy to be someone,
to get somewhere.
I simply am,
unburdened by “me”.
Thoughts and feelings are “me”.Thoughts and feelings come and go, I never change.
I am the thinker,
I am the feeler,
I am living my life.
I am being lived.
Life is a problem to fix.Life is a mystery to be lived.
I need to survive.I am whole and complete.

All words as concessions.
Simple pointers to dis-cover the me-belief.
Sometimes a subtle shift makes all the difference.


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