Unhappiness is a misunderstanding.

Less is more?
  • Simple Words
    Simple Words
  • You are the Christ [Awareness]
    You are the Christ [Awareness]
  • Why is WHY irrelevant?
    Why is WHY irrelevant?

The WHY-question is legitimate in regard to objects/phenomena.

Conceptually “me” is a man in California,
but experientially “I am” aware of body-mind-world.

A little twist in consciousness with huge implications.

“Why” delivers a story.

“What” invites direct seeing.

Suffering requires a me-story, a personal-doer.

In the absence of the me-belief there is no sufferer.


Blah blah?

How does this help to understand/experience that unhappiness is a misunderstanding?

It doesn’t!
… when it is only words in your head.
Instead, ask a living audience at the

Why is WHY irrelevant?


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